Virtual Viburnum


A Cyber-Enabled Global Monograph of Viburnum (Adoxaceae, Dipsacales)

The genus Viburnum contains some 170 woody plant species in temperate and subtropical forests around the Northern Hemisphere and in Latin America and Southeast Asia. Over 70 Viburnum species are used in horticulture, and many are ecologically important. Building on years of prior research, and based directly upon herbarium specimens and new collections, the goal of this project is to resolve all remaining species-level taxonomic problems and to produce a comprehensive description of the entire group, with geographic range maps and richly-illustrated interactive identification keys that can be deployed on the web and in the field. This website will provide one of the main online venues for dissemination of monographic work taking place as part of this project.

Example taxon page: Viburnum pichinchense

Example specimen page: Sweeney 2087 (V. coriaceum)